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Things to Do in Progreso

You can enjoy the nice long beach and take a swim in the warm water. There are also plenty seaside beach clubs, bars and restaurants in Progreso offering chairs, food and drinks, and also massage on the beach. In the summertime the city offers several beach parties for example the big Corona beach party.

If you like a more active vacation you may go swimming, snorkeling diving, kiteboarding or kayaking. If your are interested in history you may go and look at the old buildings like the town hall and the lighthouse. Or visiting the neighboring small fishing village Chicxulub, famous for the Chicxulub crater.

Chicxulub is the impact point of the giant meteorite, and lot of scientists agree that this eradicated dinosaurs along with 90% other species around 65 millions years ago. For more culture sights you may also visit the cities Mérida or Campeche, or the many pyramids near by Progreso.