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CANCELLATION: If you have to cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately by e-mail.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of the total reservation deposit will be refunded, if the proper written cancellation notice is received 46 days prior to the first day of the Rental Period.

The guest cancelling his or her reservation, with less than 46 days remaining to the first day of the Rental Period, will forfeit any deposit amount paid towards the rent of this Property. However, if the Rental Agent succeeds in re-renting the Property, 70% of the total reservation deposit will be refunded.

REFUNDABLE SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A minimum Security/Damage Deposit of 300 USD must be paid in cash at Check in or at the rental agent’s office the first working day after arrival at the Property. This deposit will be used solely for damages and additional expenses incurred to the property. Any balance or the full amount will be given back one day before your departure.

CHECK IN: Driving directions to the Property and instructions on how to obtain the key(s) will be provided in the Confirmation E-Mail.

A local representative will be available between noon and 5:00 PM on weekdays to check you into the Property. If you arrive later than that time, we will coordinate keys pick up and the local representative will visit your home the next working day after your arrival before 10 AM.

At guest’s request, after hours check-in with the local representative can be arranged for a service fee of 20 USD.

The balance remaining on the total Rental Fee and the Security/Damage Deposit of 300 USD must be paid at the time of check in or at the Rental Agent’s office on the first working day after arrival at the Property.

CHECK-OUT: The check-out is at 11:59 AM

The property key(s) must be returned where they were picked up or delivered directly to pur local representative. There will be a charge of 50 USD taken from the Security/Damage Deposit for any lost, missing or unreturned key.

ADDITIONAL HOUSE EXPENSES:  The properties offered by the rental agent are equipped with different amenities (gas, electricity, city water, cistern water, etc.).

When applicable:

  • Gas:  The owner will provide one full tank of gas. Refills are paid by the guest. (this only apply if you rent more then 1 week)
  • Electricity: The Rental Fee includes consumption of up to 1000 Pesos per month or 250 Pesos per week. If exceeded, the extra cost will be taken from the Security/Damage Deposit.
  • Water: One full water truck load will be provided for the cistern. Refills are paid by the guest. (this only apply if you rent more then 1 week)
  • Drinking water:  Drinking water is not provided by the Owner. It must be purchased and paid by the guest.
  • Pool: The owner will provide pool chemicals and cleaning once a week.  Additional cleaning or changing of the water can be contracted at the guest’s expenses.
  • Garbage: The guest pays the required fee directly to the garbage pick- up company or its driver.
  • Cleaning &  Washing Services: Any cleaning or washing services required during the Rental Term are paid by the guest.

CLEANING FEE:  The guests are responsible for leaving the Property in good order before their departure. We ask them to do the following:

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Turn-off the air conditioning and lights.
  • Place trash in sealed plastic bags in proper receptacle(s).
  • Leave all dirty linen on top of the bed in the master bedroom.  

A cleaning fee of 30 USD will be retained from the Security/Damage Deposit if the Property is not left in good order.

THE GUEST OCCUPANCY: The maximum occupancy level (including adults and children) indicated on the website must be respected at all times.

This restriction also applies to overnight the guests (8:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.).

All the guests must comply with the conditions and restrictions indicated in this Agreement.

PETS: Unless specifically permitted by the owner, no pets shall be allowed on the premises.

Pets must be kept on the Property and must be well behaved. They are not allowed on furniture or bedding.  

A non-refundable charge of 100 USD/pet/month is required.

The owner also reserves the right to impose additional charges for any pet related damage or cleanup of pet debris upon departure. If necessary, the additional charges will be taken from the Security/Damage Deposit.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY:  The Property is provided in an “as is” condition. The guest shall report any missing or damaged amenities to the rental agent as soon as possible.

The rental agent shall not be held responsible for missing or broken amenities but will make every effort to address and correct any issue as quickly as possible.

USE OF PROPERTY: The guest shall use the Property for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss.  The Property must also be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

The Property shall not be sublet. Failing to respect this will immediately void the Agreement and no refund will be provided to the guest.  

Every guest shall refrain from using the Property for any immoral, offensive or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or rental agent rules.

VIOLATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: If the guest fails to comply with the conditions and obligations of this Agreement, the guest will have to surrender the Property, remove all guest’s property and belongings, and leave the Property in good order and free of damage.

No refund of any portion of the total Rental Fee will be made.

If any legal action is pursued, the prevailing party will be entitled to reimbursement from the other party for all costs incurred.

RISK OF LOSS AND INDEMNIFICATION:  The guest agrees that all personal property, personal effects and other items brought into the Property by the guest and his or her visitors are at their own risk for any theft, damage, destruction or loss. The Rental Agent and/or the Owner will not be held responsible or liable.

The guest hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the rental agent, the owner, employees and contractors against any costs whatsoever incurred by the guest or visitors related to the destruction of their property, an injury to a person or a loss of life in or about the Property.

The guest hereby waives and releases any claims against the rental agent, the owner and their successors, employees or representatives, for any injuries or death by the guest on, near or adjacent to the Property and its amenities.

The guest agrees to use any such facilities or amenities entirely at the guest’s own initiative, risk and responsibility.

ENTRY AND INSPECTION: The owner, the rental agent and its employees have the right of access to the Property for repair and maintenance or for showing the Property to prospective purchasers, the guests or other authorized persons during reasonable hours.

In the event of an emergency, the owner, the rental agent and its employees may enter at any time to protect life and/or prevent damage to the property.

NON-AVAILABILITY OF PROPERTY & ACTS OF GOD:  In the event the Property is not available for use during the rental term, due to reasons beyond the control of the rental agent, he or she will apply due diligence to locate a replacement property.

The new Property will be equal or exceed the initial Property with respect to occupancy capacity, location and value. If such a replacement property cannot be found and made available, the owner shall immediately return all payments made by the guest and the Agreement shall be null and void for all involved.

If damage to the Property by any Act of God makes it non-available prior to the start of the Rental Term, Cancellation Terms shall apply to any payments made by the guest. The Agreement will be terminated and the guest and rental agent shall have no further obligations or liabilities in any manner pertaining to this Agreement.

No refunds will be made for inclement weather.

GENERAL PROVISIONS:  This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the rental of the Property, and any subsequent changes, amendments or modifications shall be void unless they are done in writing and signed by both the guest and the owner.  

All concerned parties agree that the fulfillment, interpretation and application of this Agreement are done and should be executed according to the laws and regulations of the city of Merida, Yucatan.  Concerned parties renounce to any jurisdiction corresponding to their origin.

Upon receipt of the Reservation Payment and the Booking Confirmation Email by rental agent, this Agreement shall be deemed valid.

Casa Oxytocin, Progreso, Mexico, 2017